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    UPDATE: Gocatch responding to RSDU's call, increasing base rates to sustainable levels... [click to read more]
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Drivers and passengers now have a much better ride-share option

Discussion in 'Uber Drivers Melbourne (all VIC towns)' started by Uberx zoom, Sep 18, 2017.

  1. Uberx zoom

    Uberx zoom Well known member (founder)

    RSDU are happy to announce the first Australian Rideshare operator who responded to our call during the latest strike, to lead by example and provide a platform that is fair to all, drivers and passengers.

    Go Catch has, within days of RSDU strike announcement, increased their base rates to sustainable levels, equally and Australia-wide, responding to drivers’ concerns and becoming the first Australian platform that abandoned Uber exploitative business model and gave their drivers the tools to earn more while making better business decisions.

    GoCatch are an Aussie company, they pay their own share of GST and charge drivers only 15% commission (as opposed to Uber’s exuberant 25% commission). Furthermore, GoCatch recently introduced a new feature in their app which gives the drivers a fare cost estimate BEFORE driving to the passenger pick up point. This new addition together with GoCatch excellent new SUSTAINABLE base rates clearly put GoCatch as the best partner when it comes to rideshare operators. With GoCatch drivers are much closer to ‘running their own business’ than any other operator in Australia, to date. Drivers can now quickly determine the cost of a fare before having to drive to the customer, helping them in making better, informed business decisions.

    Additionally, GoCatch enables passengers to leave drivers a tip via the app, a feature Uber will not even consider.

    Following GoCatch recent announcements showing fare improvements, clear willingness to listen to driver partners, responsibility and common sense, RSDU has no problem in recommending GoCatch to all drivers and offer our strong support.

    We call on all drivers to take a good look into ... [click to read the full article]

    Read the full article here:
  2. Bases Loaded

    Bases Loaded Member

    There's unfortunately just not enough fares being generated through GoCatch in Melbourne. I have the app running alongside uber at the moment and average one fare per week :-\
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  3. Uberx zoom

    Uberx zoom Well known member (founder)

    That's why we all should be bussy spreading the news. GoCatch offer a much better deal to drivers and passengers. Tell all your passengers about it, highlighting the fact there is no surge.

    Uber had no passengers when they started too. Fact is there are more and more GoCatch pings now every day, and the pay (new rates) is great!
  4. Bases Loaded

    Bases Loaded Member

    Didn't a guy get 'deactivated' from Uber for spruiking GoCatch recently?
  5. Uberx zoom

    Uberx zoom Well known member (founder)

    Its a rumor spread by Uber moles. According to Uber you are a private operator running your own business. This means you can work for other platforms and talk to passengers about them. According to Uber official legal line, they are YOUR passengers, not Uber's.

    You can sue for unfair dismissal if they do. Uber will run and gladly settle your claim before it hits the fan... considering Uber's shameful base rates, you are likely to make much more money that way.
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  6. Bases Loaded

    Bases Loaded Member

    Ah yeh, good good. I certainly have spread some talk of GoCatch recently. Hopefully it 'catches on'.
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  7. From NSW but I noticed this thread. We are soon required to have a Uber sticker on our car. How can you run Gocatch side by side?
  8. Uberx zoom

    Uberx zoom Well known member (founder)


    It makes no sense and demote competition in an allready Uber controlled market.

    We will raise this issue with the appropriate bodies. Can you please post a link to more information regarding this.
  9. Link:


    Not sure if it Victorians need a label too. But it will be make it pretty much impossible to be a Gocatch or Uber driver at the same time.

    Though we get a lot of business in Sydney, I think with the amount of KMs' you rack up as a full time driver, my god.. the servicing costs is pretty high, let alone the fines you get for illegal stopping to drop off someone. It's a tough gig driving in Sydney city.
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  10. eXploitation

    eXploitation Active Member

    they're all over it in the states of merica

    doesn't appear to be a problem with lyft or whatever
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  11. What do you mean they are all over it? Are you referring to the stickers or Uber earnings?

    The stickers will make it a bit easier for riders to spot us, but it paints a big red target on us for taxi and bus drivers. I reckon there needs to be some change in roads legislation permitting ridershare drivers to temporarily stop at taxi stands for picking up or dropping off passengers. They are barely enough places to drop or pick people up in Sydney City.
  12. Uberx zoom

    Uberx zoom Well known member (founder)

    The situation is no better in Melbourne. We are Taxis for tax purposes only it seems.
  13. Uberx zoom

    Uberx zoom Well known member (founder)

    Thanks. Did you try contacting the department to ask why it must be an Uber sticker?.... mention that it should be a "rideshare" sticker and explain the reasons.
  14. KawanaPete

    KawanaPete New Member

    Hi I mention GoCatch to pax here on the Sunshine Coast and not one of them have heard of it. Why doesn't GoCatch advertise if they think they can do better than oober?
    I know that GoCatch do not operate on the Sunshine Coast yet.
    I agree we need more pick up points and drop off points. I did many trips to the Midnight Oil concert on Saturday night and oober had to go to the dodgy public drop off area. Where the Taxis and buses had a much easier place to drop off. Why are we treated like leapers?
    We have to have new signs front and back of car now in QLD... maybe someone can make up a revolving sign...
  15. Bases Loaded

    Bases Loaded Member

    Would be great to know why they don't advertise. But until they do I can't treat it as a viable option. I am actually looking for other work now because I'm drowning in debt. It worked for a while, but I've pushed it for too long and it's all catching up now.
  16. skyco

    skyco Active Member

    Write to GC and ask them. May i also suggest that everyone else doing GC do the same. It is my impression they may be short on funds. They definitely don't have the same deep pockets Uber has.

    Check the GC app's inbox. GC announced some re-shuffling in HQ today, weekly payments and something about better drivers support. Maybe indicative of things to come. Lets hope so anyway.
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