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RIp off by taxify

Discussion in 'Australia | Taxify Forum' started by Vikas, Apr 16, 2018 at 6:23 PM.

  1. Vikas

    Vikas New Member

    I went to pick passenger from airport.i called customer,she said she will be there at pickup point in 5 mins.Then in the end i waited 20 mins at pickup point.i got $8 charges for airport pickup.it was around 5-6 km ride to zetland.i dropped passenger then i got only $20 for all trip ,that’s took 40 mins.
    I emailed taxify,but they literally refused said we can’t compensate for this.They said you should have wait outside,but i said i called already 3 times but customer didn’t turn on.it was not my fault.But taxify didn’t helped me.They dont care about drivers.I stopped now using taxify app.
    Is it worth guys?got only $12 for 40 mins.

    Please share your experiences if you had like this


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