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What do riders think?

Discussion in 'Australia | Taxify Forum' started by river view, Feb 4, 2018.

  1. river view

    river view New Member

    Can't help asking riders there thoughts on Uber and Taxify. 5 trips and 2 first time Taxify riders but heres a snapshot from my riders.

    1. Friends told them Taxify was cheaper. Brazilian traveller and rider from Cronulla Sutherland who does not drive.
    2. Pissed off with Uber Surge pricing. "I feel like I'm paying surcharge all the time and Uber don't always tell me" Lower North Shore rider which is a high surge area.
    3. "I like the discount rides (25%)"
    4. " Sometimes I can't get a Taxify driver and the fall back is Uber. This was an Uber rider who I asked if they used Taxify.
  2. coolair

    coolair Member

    Have you been paid for the rides promptly?

    Taxify are no GoCatch. They sure look like giving Uber a good run for thier money.

    How long thay can continue to offer these great incentives remain to be seen.
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