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From Optimism to profound disenchantment. Sounds familiar

Discussion in 'Perth | Uber Drivers Forum' started by HumungousDill, Jul 8, 2017.

  1. HumungousDill

    HumungousDill Active Member


    "Hey There! I starting driving for Uber last weekend and loved it," her post begins. "I've met some really incredible people...they don't tip....but still incredible."

    The replies are cynical, and swift. "Quit.....best advice EVER!" reads one.Another is a meme of James Van Der Beek crying in Dawson's Creek, which reads "AFTER YOU RECEIVE YOUR FIRST UBER CHECK."

    The forum is UberPeople, the internet's largest community for Uber drivers. The site was founded in April 2014, five years after Uber itself appeared, and it has grown to over 51,300 members and one million posts.

    It becomes clear after reading through a few of UberPeople's more popular threads that the tone of the site is generally one of resentment—toward the passengers who pedantically scrutinise them, toward younger drivers who consider driving for Uber a "hobby," toward fluctuating regluations, and toward other UberPeople people who express differing opinions.

    "There are new drivers who discover this community and want to share their experiences. They're upbeat at first, then sooner or later they become lackadaisical, then finally they become Uber detractors having had really negative experiences as drivers."

    The average member's trajectory on the site seems to see them shift from optimism to profound disenchantment, perhaps mirroring reports of Uber's employee retention problems. Users who show conspicuous faith in Uber as a company are quickly corrected, and very often told by others to quit.

    Victor added that he suspected Uber staff were present on the site in other places too. "They've never come on the forum to try to shut down conversations, but the site has attracted several individuals who may or may not be associated with the company,"

    There is something poignant about UberPeople: the two years of observations, suggestions and complaints it records are acknowledged by other drivers, but not by Uber. It's a community of atomised individuals trapped in their cars, alone together, weathering the ratings and scrutiny, venting and trolling and tapping out their anger on smartphones between car journeys.
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  2. Aujezza

    Aujezza Member

    That does make me giggle! As I've been saying for ages "IF Uber had any thoughts or feelings about their staff (drivers) they only have to look at the uber people site". Sending their spy's in to verbally harass drivers just goes to prove what a cunch of bunts they all are!
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  3. DriverX

    DriverX Active Member

    What would you expect from a company with a business model that revolves around exploiting drivers and thier cars.
  4. eXploitation

    eXploitation Active Member

    Taking usury to a new level by preying on the ignorant and outright stupid
    At least in the taxi game it was about preying on the desperate who at least needed to be making money or they would need to take their desperation somewhere else
    And we could sleep well at night knowing we werent offering charity rides to scumbag pubic
    Let them fucking catch the fucking buses
    the fuckers are laughing inside while lording over mug drivers with digital stars and badges

    Sorry to the goobers on here but future looking bleaker than i ever imagined

    The silliest thing is that even though taxi numbers were always capped, therr were always always shifts available for anybody to drive
    Even to make it a career

    Yet goobrrs comes along and thousands jump at it thus garaunteeing misery and fsilure

    Just scratching my head
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