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Making Contact with Someone in Authority at Uber?

Discussion in 'All other USA States | Uber & Lyft Drivers' started by UberGoober1019, Apr 9, 2019.

  1. UberGoober1019

    UberGoober1019 New Member

    I was informed that my bonuses for the week will not be paid to me due to "improper use of the app". The text message gave examples but nothing specific. I wrote back to say that I've never done, nor ever considered doing, any of the possible infractions and sent off a detailed snail-mail letter to Uber CEO in SF a week ago to see if there was someone at the Corporate level who might recognize a serious problem. Please understand this came after nearly 6,000 rides, a 4.9 rating, and a few hundred rider compliments. It's really upsetting to be accused of something unethical and, even worse, fined for it when there's zero legitimacy to the charge. Anyone with any insight to offer?
  2. Uberx zoom

    Uberx zoom Well known member (founder)

    Try visiting the hub in your hometown and discuss the matter with an Uber rep in person. Ask for more information.

    Do you know of any other drivers with a similar case?

    Please keep us updated.
  3. UberGoober1019

    UberGoober1019 New Member

    I was informed with a text message and replied that I needed someone to call me so we could clear up the software mis-read, since there's no other logical possibility. Twice. They will not call me and my attempts at conveying my position in texts have been ignored. What I need is a direct email address for one or more executives in San Francisco.
  4. Uberx zoom

    Uberx zoom Well known member (founder)

    Uber does not provide a direct email address/support. They much prefer to hide behind a cut and paste tickting system and will often respond using canned replies. Its part of thier business model, smoke and mirrors.

    You have a much better chance going to the hub in person and discussing the matter with an Uber rep directly.
  5. UberGoober1019

    UberGoober1019 New Member

    Yes, their business model of complete inaccessibility with boilerplate texts is very obvious. Going to a hub is an idea I may explore. Right now I'm just driving Lyft but it's harder to keep busy. Thanks for the advise!
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