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Problems with the border and Uber Pro

Discussion in 'Brisbane | Uber Drivers Forum' started by Robin, Oct 2, 2020.

  1. So this is the message I posted to Uber Support today after talking to them on the phone for a while yesterday:

    Main issue - cancellation rate is too low - I am Uber Pro Platinum but I'm not really because my cancellation rate is too high, so as a result I don't see the destinations when I am offered a job. But sometimes I have to cancel as I have no choice, so I feel this system is unfair and doesnt properly reward good drivers.

    This issue came to a head on Wednesday 30th September when I accepted a job in Kirra about 5:10pm (unfortunately the system does not allow me to see cancelled trips - another complaint!). I arrived to pick the customer up (forget their name) but I was forced to cancel as 'Other Issue' as customer wanted to travel across the border (something I'm not prepared to do - another issue Uber hasn't rectified). I apologised to the customer and explained to them that had I known their destination I would not have accepted the job - this was a serious waste of my time and the customers.

    Briefly then the issues I have: - cancellation rate too low - should be about 5% - drivers that have clocked up a lot of successful trips such as myself should be able to see destinations when offered a job regardless of acceptance rate/cancellation rate etc. - Should be able to see cancelled trips on the app so makes it easier to raise issues - There needs to be a 'forced to cancel' reason on the app (or similar) which doesnt count towards our cancellation rate - there has so far been a complete lack of support or instructions to drivers over how to handle the border issue - what happens if the police stop my car for example?? It is this issue in particular which leads us drivers to refuse to go over the border - we feel we are 'on our own'.

    Has anyone else experienced something similar? How do others deal with 'going over the border'??

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