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Rideshare is well below the minimum rate.

Discussion in 'Perth | Uber Drivers Forum' started by Jason, Feb 16, 2019.

  1. Jason

    Jason Member

    Could rideshare become illegal or is it illegal still. It's operational model here is not working, driver's here are still not making minimum rate, based on a 40hr week. No super, no holidays, no rights. Nothing

    To maximize there profit, it seems a lot of migrant staff is used. Taking advantage of migrant staff and paying under the minimum rate is highly illegal. Can have a hearty jail term if proven.

    Could there one day be a royal commission into the gig economics in Australia? Could that happen here and the answer would be yes, could someone be jailed for knowing, that minimum rate would never come about and to maximize profit, migration could be used. That could result in a jail term if proven in Australia one day.

    Anyone's thoughts?
  2. Aujezza

    Aujezza Member

    It makes me laugh when we have students here who are allowed to work 20hrs a week can manage to do 80+ hours working for rideshare companies! So I recon they are in breach of their visas.
  3. Jason

    Jason Member

    How about the ones that leave the country without paying there GST or tax.
  4. Warren

    Warren New Member

    As long as drivers are classifed as independent subcontractors minimum wage considerations are irrelevant. The term "wages" does not apply!

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