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STOP PRESS: RSDU is Announcing a NO Uber, 14/3/2017, Log-OFF Tuesday in Melbourne!

Discussion in 'Melbourne | Uber Drivers Forum' started by DriverX, Mar 11, 2017.

  1. DriverX

    DriverX Active Member

    R.S.D.U Announcing a NO Uber, Log-OFF Tuesday in Melbourne!

    Following the success of our latest protest, we are calling on all RideShare Drivers United members and any other Uber driver in Melbourne to join us and Log-OFF Tuesday 14/3/2017 from 6:30AM untill 5PM in protest over our poor pay and working conditions.

    We drivers are the face of Uber. Without us there is no Uber. Being classified as sub-contractors gives us every right to have a say over fare pricing, GST allocation and customer service. We can no longer be ignored, threatened with deactivation and silenced. We can no longer be patient, while our working conditions and pay continue to deteriorate in a fast race to the bottom.

    Drivers! unity is our only strong bargaining chip when it comes to companies like Uber. Remember, the things that divide us are the things that we see from our own, often selfish, point of view. The very principle of the Uber app is to Divide and Rule. Be wary of those who will try to divide us. They are the reason Uber treat us with such disrespect and get away with it, time and time again.

    We therefore call on all drivers to unite and stick together on that day and LOG OFF for .... [head to our web site for the full announcement]

    Full announcement over this page:
  2. we really need driver unity in uber so we can fight togather. uber system is not fair lst night customer did fake complaint and uber did not pay my fair. rider was so offensive
  3. Dimmi Quando

    Dimmi Quando Member

    Last gig on Monday was fun. let's do Tuesday!
    I heard somewhere that Brisbane are doing it too, at the same time?
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  4. Uberx zoom

    Uberx zoom Well known member (founder)

    What happens when Uber drivers go on strike?

    Melbourne could find out on Tuesday, after a group called Ride Share Drivers United put out a city-wide call for disgruntled Uber drivers to "log off" all day in a protest against claimed poor pay and working conditions.

    The group argued in a statement that Uber drivers are increasingly squeezed financially and that the "contractor" arrangement Uber employs them by strips them of any bargaining power.

    A published list of demands includes an increase in minimum rates of pay, a limit to the hours a driver can work in a shift, and a softening of the deactivation policy that bans low-rated drivers from using the ride-share app....

    Read more:
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