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Uber drivers getting less than 1/2 minimum wage. ABC television

Discussion in 'Perth | Uber Drivers Forum' started by HumungousDill, Mar 14, 2018.

  1. HumungousDill

    HumungousDill Active Member

    A must see video report shown on "7.30 report" on ABC television. Click the link below:


    At last an unbiased and realistic report, not the usual rubbish sponsored by Uber dollars on commercial tv channels.

    Australians driving for Uber's most popular low-cost service, Uber X, are earning about half the statutory minimum wage for transport workers, according to a new report.

    The union-backed Australia Institute's Centre for Future Work has calculated that the average income of the ridesharing service's drivers working in six Australian cities is less than $15 an hour.

    c.f. http://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-03-06/uber-x-drivers-working-for-half-the-minimum-wage/9513250 you need to contact the reporter and set things straight Max, that fat cow from the RSDAA is trying to steal the RSDU's work.
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  2. Uberx zoom

    Uberx zoom Well known member (founder)

    :) ... she's been always playing catch up. I don't mind it one bit as long as the end result benefits us all, drivers.
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  3. Rango

    Rango New Member

    Now is our opportunity to do something about it. With the WA Govt currently reviewing IR it’s the drivers opportunity to make change. If we sit back and do nothing then the change may not be what we want. If we have representation at the table maybe we can swing the change to benefit us. I beleive attacking the minimum fare is the way to go as it’s below the minimum wage, those small rides kill us. If this was doubled to $15, I don’t beleive it would stop many rides from happening but this would cover the driver for unpaid travel time and wait time adding as much as $200 extra income pw for full time drivers. Thats $800 per month which would pay off your car. ‘This is where we are loosing. Big rides and surge jobs are the cream but at the moment we use that income to subsidize the short trips and consequently struggling to make ends meet. We can prove the minimum fare does not cover the minimum wage and get it changed. We need representation in Perth to put our case to Govt that may mean starting our own Association in WA
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  4. HumungousDill

    HumungousDill Active Member

    Sounds like you may be new to the Uber experience Rango. I say this because rates have been unsustainable for over 2 years already and the main purpose of this forum was to make a stand. If you read through the forum you will see that a number of "strikes" in the form of "log offs" were carried out last year, and thanks to Max's hard work a submission was subsequently made to the FWO, as well as getting a lot of media coverage. We are currently waiting for their findings.
    Unfortunately you will find that the Perth drivers are a totally useless bunch who are only interested in looking after themselves. Numerous attempts were made to get some sort of unity and collective action but it seems to be a waste of time. If however any pay raise or benefits do come from the FWO decision these thankless maggots will be the first to hold out their hands.
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  5. Traveller

    Traveller New Member

    I just watched the ABC Report; interesting. The UBER GM for Australia was clever to NOT answer the question, "'do you insure drivers against assault", by providing a response that would make any politician proud. We all know the answer so why did he just not be upfront and honest; another indication of their underhanded approach to business. I don't know, but would have thought that the driver that was on the end of a beating, would be able to claim from the government/Council or his insurance company providing he has adequate insurance. The Uber gesture of a one off payment is effectively an admission of guilt.

    I do not condone some of Uber's actions, particularly the way that they make it so difficult to get in touch with them. I have just had a couple of Riders say they are almost over Uber because it is so difficult to complain and one more issue will be the end for them. As was also outlined within the report, some entrepreneurs backed Uber with a smart idea. If Uber would only be more open and considerate to their drivers - their employees - and make it easier for Riders to complain rather than going out of their way to minimise communication, it would be a world beater.

    I have now had too many Riders tell me that Partners ring them and ask where the Rider is - we know they know where they are, its on the damn map when the job is accepted - but the call is used as a pretence to ask where the Rider is going. If it is a short trip, its cancelled. Other non Uber Partners are filling in for Partner/registered owners of the car, so one must ask how insurance works in that situation. It is a shame that things are gradually going wrong which will only end in tears for everyone.

    With regard to your comment above HD, too many of the Perth drivers, and elsewhere I am sure, won't speak up because it is a cultural issue. They don't want to say something in case they are wrong and then have to live with that embarrassment, so the easy answer is to sit back and let others take care of the issue. Moreover, a lot of them will not be aware of this site.
  6. Rango

    Rango New Member

    No HD not new, been off and on Uber since 2015. I am aware only just recently of the good work done with FWO by you guys. Hopefully it’s successful. Two things that anoys the hell out of me. I do just XL,Traveling ten minutes to a pick up and they go around the corner and I get $7 for half an hours work as I return to the point I started (Home) when this could be so easily fixed with doubling the minimum fare. I don’t beleive this would affect Uber’s revenue as while maybe it looses some short fares the increase in revenue on the short fares that still go would make up for the loss in revenue however this would significantly increase drivers revenue. The other thing that needs fixing is the expectation that riders can drink in an Uber. The amount of times I’ve turned up where the Pax is waiting with beer in hand expecting to climb in. It’s illegal, Uber could fix it but don’t want to. When asked at the hubs if pax allowed to drink, Uber says it’s up to the driver which is a lot of bs. In their community guidelines they use it as a reason to remove the pax from the app. I’ve complained about pax drinking booze onboard after told them I don’t allow it
    I offered video footage as proof. Uber responded we will make a note on Pax file. I got it from the police that the driver can be charge with allowing the consumption of alcahol in a conveyance. The drivers don’t know this. Anyway enough rambling if plan A doesn't work with the FWO I’ve got some good ideas for a plan B and only too happy to offer my assistance.
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  7. Derek

    Derek New Member

    And what was Ubers response? The smart ones work in areas at times when there is surge pricing. So in other words Uber encourages drivers to avoid working during times when there is no surge and reject Uber X trips to bump up your earnings. How is that a good business model in terms of customer service?

    That is why I love Ola, I accept just about any job Ola offers me because they simply pay me more. Time for Uber to scrap the surge and instead start matching the 85% Ola pays us after the introductory rate finishes and both should increase the rates to a $1.15 per km and 50 cents per minute.
  8. Jason

    Jason Member

    $2.10 a min it should be

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