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Coverage of our No Uber Monday on Workplace Express

Discussion in 'Melbourne | Uber Drivers Forum' started by Uberx zoom, May 25, 2017.

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    And old article which i got to see only today. Makes an interesting read, particularly the BS the Uber spokesman is insisting on feeding us all...


    Source https://www.workplaceexpress.com.au April 12, 2017
    Uber drivers signal further strikes after Melbourne "log-off"

    Uber says a drivers' strike on Monday over pay and conditions failed to dent its operations and claims the organisation that coordinated the action has never raised concerns with it directly, but RideShare Drivers United says "the ball is in their court".

    RideShare Drivers United estimates that between 1200 and 1500 drivers participated in its latest NO Uber Monday Log-Off Strike between 6.30am and 5:00pm yesterday to protest "poor pay and working conditions, safety concerns and Uber failure to respond to our demands".

    According to RSDU, Uber has cut fares by as much as 30% percent in some cities and "guaranteed" this this will lead to higher earnings for drivers, but it says the opposite has occurred.

    "Drivers are reporting they're making as little as $11.00 per hour after expenses, before income tax or superannuation," the RSDU says. "Well below the minimum wage."

    It also claims that Uber drivers are now working shifts of up to 16 hours a day to make ends meet.

    Signalling its intention to "intensify and prolong service disruptions in the coming weeks until Uber meets our full list of demands", RSDU is calling for base rates to be "immediately increased and be brought in line with Sydney rates", with "flexibility" to compensate for petrol price fluctuations.

    It is also calling for a 12 hour cap on daily work hours and better defence processes and compensation for drivers facing "deactivation", plus it wants Uber to stop applying its commission on GST paid by drivers.

    Among optional and "recommended" claims, RSDU seeks a "basic 'knowledge' test/customer service skills test for new recruits and existing drivers" along with a "basic English knowledge test".

    "Uber should cap or wind down the amount of new drivers it accepts and offer more incentives to its current experienced drivers," the RSDU says.

    "Flooding the market with new drivers degrades the service and worsen pay and work conditions for all other drivers."

    An Uber spokesperson told Workplace Express that the platform "saw consistent reliability and availability of uberX cars in Melbourne" on Monday and the company has also accused RSDU of not directly contacting it to raise concerns prior to the action.

    "More than 18,000 Melburnians choose to earn flexible income with Uber because they like working on their own schedule and being their own boss," he said.

    Uber holds roundtable sessions with Melbourne driver partners to get feedback on its platform and the experience of drivers, and the spokesperson said the company is "always happy to speak directly with drivers at our partner support centres if they have any questions or feedback about their experiences driving on the app".

    However RSDU spokesperson Max MB said the organisation disagreed with this approach, in part because drivers feared being "deactivated without notice (uber-speak for fired on the spot) if they speak their mind 'too loud'" and said the method had so far failed so achieve results.

    "RSDU therefore believes that Uber is more than aware of the drivers' concerns and the ball is in their court for quite some time," he said.

    RSDU organised two other Uber strikes in Melbourne in February and March.

    Source https://www.workplaceexpress.com.au April 12, 2017
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