GST fraud

Discussion in 'Brisbane | Uber Drivers Forum' started by laser, May 30, 2017.

  1. laser

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    The recent announcement of a booking fee to cover "operational costs" of 55 cents with 5 cents paid to drivers to cover GST.
    The issue of GST is far from settled and the ATO position is uninformed based on the design features of the GST legislation.
    Would be happy to discuss offline, but do not want UBER and ATO being privy to any such discussion with RSDU representatives.
  2. skyco

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    Hi @laser and welcome to the RSDU forum. :)

    Please feel free to start the discussion. The thread will eventually be moved to a private section of the board by admin if/when required.
  3. HI
    I would like to ne part of this discussion. Is there somewhere we can chat?

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