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RSDU announcing: No Uber, Drivers Log-OFF strike! Monday 6/8/2018 – 7am to 9:30am.

Discussion in 'Melbourne | Uber Drivers Forum' started by Uberx zoom, Jul 29, 2018.

  1. Uberx zoom

    Uberx zoom Well known member (founder)

    Announcing an Uber drivers’ LOG-OFF strike, Monday 6 August 2018 – 7am till 9:30am in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth.

    This following Uber’s introduction of “upfront fares” and UberPool, both features designed to further shortchange and underpay drivers, eroding even more their already poor working conditions. All under a false “independent contractors” pretence.

    We are calling on all drivers to switch OFF their Uber driver app and refrain from taking Uber bookings between the hours of 7am until 9:30am on that day (Monday 6 August 2018 – 7am till 9:30am).

    What are drivers demanding?

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  2. vicpirate

    vicpirate New Member

    I got $12 net for start-stop driving - 35 min in total... could not belive it. fare "estimated" trip..... i have to assume based on km not on real world traffic jam
  3. Uberx zoom

    Uberx zoom Well known member (founder)

    Log-OFF next Monday 6/8/2018 7:00am to 9:30am. Vote with your feet and show Uber you are not happy with the way you've been cheated.

    Spread the news of the strike to other drivers.
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  4. Ram


    I cannot see any outcome of today's logoff. I think we should do another logoff, what do you guys think?
  5. Uberx zoom

    Uberx zoom Well known member (founder)

  6. Uberx zoom

    Uberx zoom Well known member (founder)

  7. Great results! I'm impressed.

    Keep up the great work. I'll keep on shaking cans and whine alot over the Up forum i guess.
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  8. Scottie B

    Scottie B New Member

    What are you doing here?
  9. Scottie B

    Scottie B New Member

    It is all over the media naming and shaming Uber for what they do to drivers. Top results.
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