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Stopping in bus zone when loading zone already full with parked vehicles..long Q for taxis both side

Discussion in 'Brisbane | Uber Drivers Forum' started by SBG, Jun 29, 2019.

  1. SBG


    For ride sharing services no specific area for pickup like for taxis many taxi zones...during busy night time long reserved Q for taxis on both sides of the road...in loading zones already parked vehicles...rangers around to take photographs of the Uber cars when they have no choice rather than stopping their car in bus zone...riders either drunk or refuse to walk if we stop away at some distance from the pickup point...Uber app takes pick up location where exactly is bus zone or location exactly at bus zone...in this case if we receive infringement notice for just stopping 4-5 seconds then entire efforts of driving 10-12 hours gets wasted as fine amount is more than what we earn during entire time...can anybody suggest me what to do
  2. Little Red Corvette

    Little Red Corvette New Member

    I can suggest that you don't accept the ride or cancel it. Especially on busy city streets. No point risking a big fine for it, especially if it's a poor choice of pickup location chosen by the rider.

    I was going to make a similar post about this as something similar happened to me on Friday of this week. I drive in Sydney, and I usually don't like to pick up riders in the CBD area as its too difficult to stop and co-ordinate. However on Friday I picked up a rider and she had placed a stop on the trip on a busy city street to pick up a friend who was traveling with her to her final destination. As I got to the pickup spot there was a police officer at the end of the block trying to catch J walkers on the street. The only spot available to me was a loading zone, so I gave my indicator and put the car in reverse to attempt a reverse park into the spot. After rolling my car back no more than an inch the rider opened my door and got into my car, so I drove off. The police officer saw this occur and gestured me to come over. He gave me a lecture about how I need the rider to come to me instead of me going to them and how I need to park my car first before someone can get into it, otherwise I'm effectively double parked and blocking traffic. Just out of interest, at the time I picked up the rider there was no traffic behind me at all, I was the only car in the street. I tried explaining to the police officer that I was attempting a reverse park and had engaged in reverse and had rolled back an inch or two before the rider just opened my door and came into the car. Sadly he was standing down the road and couldn't see that my reverse lights were on, so he wasn't having anything of what I was telling him and he started talking over me that it's a $300+ fine and he could have it mailed out to me. But I'm sure he said he'll just give me a warning this time and let me go. I can count myself extremely lucky, but if the fine does arrive I may be tempted to refute it as I know I wasn't at fault, it was the fault of the rider for getting into my car before I am attempted to park it safely.

    So my tip is not to accept anything where you can't physically stop to pick up a rider and if you do accept it and you see that you can't stop legally anywhere, then cancel the trip.

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