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Stupid 3rd world Ola app issues.

Discussion in 'Australia | Ola Forum' started by Jason, Aug 22, 2018.

  1. Jason

    Jason Member

    Anyone had this Issue, you pull across the start trip tab, and the completed trip tab sticks and goes across with.
    Its &/$#@^ed. And the customer is sitting there, looking at you. Wtf did you do that for.
    Sorry m8, not me. Its the stupid app.
    Ok, happened to me once b4 a while ago, so clearly not my fault.
    Still, I'm logged off for 3 days. 2nd time it happens. 1st time was a warning. 2nd time, logged off fot good.
    Even the customer, said never mind m8 its ok. I understand, I'll just ping you again.
    Sitting in my car, his app, i can see I'm there.
    Out of the 5 times, pings another and cancels it out everytime. Didnt ping me once.
    So he says, fuck Ola switch ya Uber on. Pings me straight away.
    Also, my account has been deactivated, wheres my /#$/###/n $80 earnings?? Never payed out.
    Anyone had simlar from this 3rd world Entity
  2. ShahMonster

    ShahMonster New Member

    Gday Jason,

    Extremely sorry to hear about your experience. Just wonsewond if Ola have responded to your queries and paid out your outstanding payment.
  3. Jason

    Jason Member

    Seems this is happening to alot of drivers.

    Great for the Customer's isn't it, cheap trip.
    Next time this happens, the customer is going to be asked to request another.

    Logged on today, same thing happened. 30km trip and I've made $5.
    Ring customer support and wow, what do ya know. Un helpful. Fix ya app Ola.

    It's rated 3 stars for a reason
  4. Jason

    Jason Member

    Well, what are change. I got payed out correctly this time after calling twice.
    But still got 3 days suspension hahahaha. F.....n funny
  5. Marinus

    Marinus New Member

    Hi Jason
    I haven't had the "start trip" issue. I don't get all that many trips from Ola. But I have had the issue where a rider was sitting in my car and wants to book me again for a new ride and the app won't send it my way. I had it out with Ola "help" about this. They claim its a SPECIAL SAFETY feature built into the app. So a rider thats too close to a Ola car or a Ola car thats too close to a prospective rider WILL NOT get the ride request sent to them. I know, its a STUPID FEATURE, but they are convinced they are keeping riders and drivers "SAFE". They claim it stops drivers "STALKING" a rider. I have already told them that this is ludicrous and stops anyone that is in close proximity from being a potential rider(customer). So, there is absolutely no advantage driving to a area that you may know is a very busy area because of an event etc, because you won't score any bookings from OLA. I will paste the exact email I received from Ola. If every Ola driver in Victoria objected to this feature, they may change it!

    Thank you for contacting Ola.

    We understand your concern, however, there is an in-built Ola feature that we would like to elaborate.

    We do not assign bookings to the closest driver for security purposes. For instance, if a driver (hypothetically) means harm to a person whom they know will book a ride, they would park outside (or somewhere around) their house, and it would be the easiest thing for them to get a hold of this person as a rider in their vehicle.

    We hope you understand our reasoning behind this feature. The bookings are supposed to be random and we aim to not have riders/drivers chose whom they want to ride/drive with because of a multitude of reasons like the one listed above.

    We would still apologize for the inconvenience you had to face because you did not know of this implicit feature.
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