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VT/VX RetroFit Guide for: VN/VP/VR/VS

Discussion in 'All Car Models' started by azkwazere, Dec 20, 2017.

  1. azkwazere

    azkwazere New Guest Member

    VT/VX Seat RetroFit Guide for: VN/VP/VR/VS


    RETRO-FIT VT / VX Seats into:

    VN - VP - VR - VS

    The following guide gives instructions on retro fitting VT/VX seats into VN, VP, VR, VS model commodores.

    Note: Some statemans and other models like utilities may also find use for these instructions

    Degree Of Difficulty: HARD (with some parts at intermediate)


    The following guide contains instructions which are provided by a non authorised member. The following instructions are illegal modifications to your vechicle, they should not be attempted by anyone as the void all warranty's, make the vechicle un-roadworthy and disrupt the highly engineered mounting points for general seat locations. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO, UNDER ADVICE FROM THIS DOCUMENT, RETROFIT VX or VT MODEL SEATS INTO YOUR CAR. The author takes no responsibility for any repercussions from the modification. By reading past the following stars, you are bound by this exclusion clause.


    ok, now thats over with! Lets retrofit!

    Well start at the back and work our way forwards!

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